Polymerization Reactors


Glass lined reactors for polymerization - a real “trick” for plastic material production. Due to the smooth, chemically resistant surface of the Pfaudler glass, Pfaudler reactors have for many decades been first choice for polymerization applications. The glass surface guarantees optimum, constant heat transfer conditions, minimizes encrustation and sticking, and provides for easy, quick cleaning. Poly Reactor

  • Glass lined reactors
  • Nominal capacity up to 60,000 liters
  • Operating pressure of -1/+25 bar
  • Permitted operating temperature of -25/+200°C
  • Bottom drives of the HU type
  • Impeller-type agitators or Cryo-Lock® agitators with baffles
  • Optional: Glass lined probes


Polymerization - a process like any other one. Except for the distinctly higher pressure. And the high power input by the agitating system. And the extremely large reactors involved. And the use of bottom drives. And the adhesive properties of plastic materials.

Glassed steel is the material of choice for this kind of extreme requirements. Its unique mechanical strength and chemical resistance are unsurpassed and ensure top safety and availability of your plant. In addition, the anti-adhesive properties of the glass material ensure that no polymer gets stuck to the glass - however, that Pfaudler gets stuck on your mind!

And in order not to get stuck with liability, you should obtain the real process reliability of the Pfaudler Service Package. Around the clock.